Friday, June 19, 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise

The seas were calm yesterday but today they were pretty rough again. I went to class and then took a good long nap to pass the time. Then Elissa, Marilyn and I went to Shabbat dinner. It was really cool and there were about 30 people there of all faiths. We met a lot of really nice people. Then the three of us did homework on the upper deck. I had RA duty tonight on Deck 7 where the Pub Night was, I just had to make sure no one was taking alcohol out of the area. Other than that its been a pretty mellow day. We move our clocks ahead another hour tonight so we are now 4 hours ahead of EST. There is a dance "Rock the Boat" on Sunday night and we are supposed to arrive in Spain on the 24th. Yesterday we had to change our path to avoid an iceberg. The water temperature is 62 degrees and we are about half way across the ocean but I guess Icebergs are still there. Elissa and I are taking a Bridge tour (where the Captain is) on Monday which should be pretty cool. I signed up for more trips in Greece, Turkey, Morocco and Egypt. I think I will know what trips I get tomorrow evening so I will update those. Goodnight!

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  1. It sounds like you are having a blast. I can't wait to hear about the trips you have chosen to go on.