Sunday, June 21, 2009

From somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic...

First off- Happy Father’s Day. Obviously I am not with my dad but I love and miss him very much J

 I received the confirmation for the rest of my excursions today.

Greece: Sights of Athens and the Acropolis, Delphi, and Saronic Islands

Turkey: Istanbul City Orientation, Palaces of Istanbul and Asiatic Side, and Jewish Tradition in Istanbul

Egypt: The Best of Alexandria and the Pyramids with Camel and Jeep Safari

Morocco: Casablanca City Orientation with Visit of Mosque, and Coca Cola Plant Visit


I am very excited about all these trips. Between all of the trips I had previously mentioned and these I now have a trip almost every day in each country and I usually have the last day in port to wander around and visit places I didn’t get to spend enough time in.

The seas are calm again today. My professors are growing on me but I still think International Business will be the most difficult class. Tonight there is a “Rock the Boat” social dance thing. I have to work at it as an RA again. I actually haven’t gotten much time to socialize because I am always working- its getting frustrating. We are having a meeting with our Director to discuss these issues soon.

We saw a lot of dolphins last night during dinner and supposedly there were some whales but I did not see them. The captain altered our course to avoid the iceberg a few days ago and because of that we passed two gorgeous volcanic islands. When it became dark you could see lights on the islands so people are living there. We were wondering how or why they got to be there because we are still miles from any land. As of noon today we had traveled 1,300 miles from Halifax I believe, and we only had 900 or so miles until we reach Cadiz. We have two more days of classes until we reach Cadiz and I think we are all ready for a break from the never ending homework and we are ready to set foot on land for a little while. In Spain I will be viewing the Churches of Cadiz, attending a Flamenco Night and traveling overnight to Seville and Cordoba.

It was cloudy last night but on the horizon we could see the sun still setting and it was around 11pm, it was gorgeous. Today is the summer solstice and tomorrow the sun is supposed to write at 5am so hopefully we will remember to close our blinds!

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