Thursday, June 18, 2009

And We're Off

We left Tuesday night for Spain and are somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic. I couldn’t update yesterday because the seas are really rough, they said they haven’t had a voyage start off this rough in a while. Even crew members are getting seasick. Everyone is pretty much miserable, our stomachs are doing flips. We have had orientation all day yesterday and we have tried to sit out on the outside decks as much as possible to relieve the nausea.  I have met a lot of nice people though, I met Elissa (ironic) at the Bon Voyage and we have been hanging out ever since. I also hang out with my roommate Marilyn and some other girls that we have found. The voyage started out make two complete circles in the Halifax port in order to make sure the compass was working… it would have been nice if we had known that because we were very confused the whole time. We just got basic information last night and they have been telling us about the in port trips, security, health etc. Last night we had an opportunity to see the ways to get involved on the ship via clubs, activities and sports.

Classes start today, I just got out of Global studies which is a required class for everyone. I have international business and business ethics at 12pm and 1:30pm. We are now 2 hours ahead of EST . A lot of students are from California so everyone is thrown off by the timing. The weather looks to be clearing though so hopefully today will be a better day. We think we hit a storm Tuesday night which caused all the bad weather.

I am heading to the Campus Store to buy a voyage tshirt and other fun stuff. I have been told that Campus Leaders (RAS etc.) get a discount so that would be awesome.

We are set to arrive in Spain on June 24th so until then the Blog will probably be boring. I did sign up for the rest of my trips last night so hopefully I will find out in a few days which ones I got. The sign up was for Greece, Turkey, Morocco and Egypt, I am really excited for these trips, I signed up with Elissa for a lot of them. She is really funny and reminds me of a girl Kat I went to Israel with, really bubbly and such.

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  1. Hi, Amy,

    I tried to send you an email but the address is wrong. Anyway I hope you have a wonderful journey and look forward to reading about it.