Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We arrived in Spain this morning around 7am. My roommate and I, along with about 100 other SAS students and faculty, watched the sun rise over Spain as we pulled into port. The sun was gorgeous and huge as it brought day to the city.
We are getting ready to go out on the town and the ship is in the process of being cleared by customs. I am seeing the Churches of Cadiz and going to a Flamenco Night show tonight. Afterwards we will probably explore the night life of Cadiz. They have warned us about pick-pocketing and petty left. Hopefully everyone will be smart. It is supposed to be about 80 degrees which is nice, supposedly its 100 in Egypt which wouldnt surprise me. According to our Inter Port Lecturer Spanish days start late. They eat lunch around 2pm and dinner isnt until 10 or 11pm. The nightlife goes on until around 5am- we will see if I can keep up. All of the students on the ship have midterms and a Global Studies paper due the day after Spain so it will be interesting to see who gets that done.

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