Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sea Olympics Winner!!

We have been at sea for two days and we will arrive in Greece in the morning (Monday). Yesterday we just had class as usual and I finally took my bridge tour- my other two were postponed. The bridge was very cool. The Third Officer in command showed us all the gadgets up there and I got to sit in the Captains chair. We saw the GPS and sonar and all that fun stuff. Today we had the Sea Olympics. Each team is divided by Seas (halls) - I was the Yellow Sea. We competed in things like tug of war, lip synching, synchronized swimming etc. The winner of Sea Olympics gets the glory of being champion and gets to disembark the ship first in Norfolk. After many strenuous battles and long, hard fights- YELLOW SEA WON! We killed the other team in points and we had a lot of fun. The Sea Olympics took all day and then we had our pre port meeting for Greece. Tomorrow I am going to Athens and seeing the Acropolis; then on Tuesday I am going to Delphi. I have nothing planned so far for the last two days but we might try and go to an island or two. Supposedly Harry Potter is coming out while we are in Greece so we might try and go see that, otherwise we will see it in Turkey. I don’t care what language it is in, I just think it would be cool to say you saw it in another country. Otherwise not much is going on but I wanted to share my excitement of winning the Sea Olympics J

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  1. How cool!! We are so glad you won now maybe we can get to St. Aug at a resonable time in late August.

    It sounds like you are having a blast!