Friday, July 10, 2009


We arrived in Croatia on Tuesday morning. I took a tour of the city that first morning and I saw the city walls that surround the Old Town. I also saw the martime museum and the aquarium. Neither was as impressive as I had hoped but the museum showed the history of this small port town. We saw the St. Lawrence Fort that protects the harbor- fun fact- Croatia has more than 1,000 islands. I also saw the synagogue- there are only 44 current members of the synagogue and there are only 2,000 Jews in all of Croatia. In the city walls is the Mayors House and the old Governors Mansion. Old Town is very quaint and has a lot of really cute shops, I am going back there this morning with Elissa and Julie and then we are going to find a beach and put our feet in the water.
On Wednesday I went to Mostar which is in Bosnia- Herzegonia (I am adding a country to my summer list). Mostar means "Keeper of the Bridge" because of the bridge that connects the town. In 1993 Mostar was caught in the war of and their bridge was destroyed. They decided to rebuild it exactly as it was in the past and even used stones from the old bridge as well as stones from the original quarry. After the rebuilding it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We were in Bosnia all day and had lunch at a local restaurant as well.
On Thursday I went to Montenegro which is a country next to Croatia (extra country #2). It was beautiful and the towns we went to were wedged between mountains and surrounded by water. We took a few hours to drive around the base of the mountain to go to different towns and then took the bys on a ferry (much quicker) back to the main road at the end of the day. We drove to Kotor first which was the old capital of Montenegro. It is surrounded by City Walls but is a very small town. Elissa and I did some shopping there before the bus left for the next town. We drove about an hour up a mountain on a very steep and winding road (especially in the charter bus) and we arrived at a small village where they gave us a local snack- ham and cheese sandwich. Then we drove back down the mountain and went to Budva. We had lunch there and then walked around a bit before the bus left. It was another very long day but much more beautiful than Mostar.
Last night we went out as our last night in Croatia and we met 4 really nice English girls that we hung out with most of the night. It was a fun night in Croatia and the town really livens up at night. Croatia has been one of my favorite places thus far. 
I am going to try and upload pictures today but worst case I will try and do it in Greece. We leave Croatia tonight and we will have 2 days at sea. We have class tomorrow and I have a midterm in Business Ethics, then on Sunday we have Sea Olympics with everyone on the ship so that should be fun.

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